28 Dec

Hey guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I miss all of you people who are reading my blog RIGHT NOW! I hope none of you guys have been worrying about me! I have been doing good! I will have my mommy if she can take a picture of me for you guys to see! Also I live in a new house that I LOVE! Its big and also I have more bathroom space if you know what I mean! 😉


Oh My God!

25 Aug

Well today is a good day becausye my owners came home fortunately we ARE  moving!!!! It is the first time going out of that state…That is exciting… BUT… They chose a house without my help!!! I am the smart one AND have the goods around this place! But at least the grass is green and nice! Privacy please…………..

They Went to the beach without me!!!! and they bragged and bragged and BRAGGED!



Game Show News

15 Jul

Hi guys! Okay so, my mommy emailed me and wrote me that i was going to be on a game show! Maybe… I might be like Celebrity Dachshund (you inspired me celebrity dachshund)! Well yeah! So remember to stay tuned for My new posts and watch Lets Ask America! Because I might be on it!

First Post, So Excited!

15 Jul

Hi! I am Snoopy! I have a wonderful, sweet, loving, and friendly family! But I am separated from them. My Grandma got one of her work friends to watch me while they are gone! The girl who is dogsitting me ( as my mommy calls it babysitting), is named Karla. But its not as good as my house. But there is a plus! There is a hot babe here! Her name is Zoie and she is my Dogfriend ( as my owner also calls it girlfriend). Zoie and I, always spend time with each other. One  time, Karla got the camera and took a picture of me straight in the face dawg! Hey! Atleast she is a good photographer!