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Game Show News

15 Jul

Hi guys! Okay so, my mommy emailed me and wrote me that i was going to be on a game show! Maybe… I might be like Celebrity Dachshund (you inspired me celebrity dachshund)! Well yeah! So remember to stay tuned for My new posts and watch Lets Ask America! Because I might be on it!


First Post, So Excited!

15 Jul

Hi! I am Snoopy! I have a wonderful, sweet, loving, and friendly family! But I am separated from them. My Grandma got one of her work friends to watch me while they are gone! The girl who is dogsitting me ( as my mommy calls it babysitting), is named Karla. But its not as good as my house. But there is a plus! There is a hot babe here! Her name is Zoie and she is my Dogfriend ( as my owner also calls it girlfriend). Zoie and I, always spend time with each other. One  time, Karla got the camera and took a picture of me straight in the face dawg! Hey! Atleast she is a good photographer!